17 Things We Love About Pugs

With their comical look and their great big bulging eyes, pugs have become one of the most popular dogs in the United States, Canada and across the globe.

They warm our hearts and make us laugh to tears with their goofiness.

But that’s not all that makes these goofballs so special and adorable.

Here are some of the main things about pugs that make us fall in love with them over and over again:


1. They Look Awesome In Dog Apparel

pug dog clothes apparel

We all have bad days every now and then.

The important thing to do when those days come is to find something that will help brighten up our day and make us laugh.

For many, looking at dogs dressed in cute clothes usually does the trick.

While all dogs look adorable in dog clothes, pugs can look amazing in every conceivable outfit.

They always dress to impress. Whether funny, cute or awesome, “pugs in clothes” is always a popular thread on Tumblr and other social media.  

Take Doug the Pug as an example. He slays in dog hoodies and cute dog harnesses, or shall we say “pug harnesses” and is one of the cutest little fashion models for Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, or even everyday occasions like chilling in the bed, and sleeping in on the weekends.

Dog hoodies

pug chilling in dog apparel

Pugs don’t mind dressing up and can look good for any occasion, like going to the doggy park, out for a walk, or even visiting the vet in a super cute Pupreme hoodie.

pug pupreme

Looking stylish in the latest designs is just one of the reasons why Pugs should wear clothes.


    2. They Come In 4 Different Colors

    These four-legged goofballs usually come in 4 different colors: black, fawn, apricot fawn and silver fawn.

    pugs standard colors

    The two most popular colors include fawn and black, while silver fawn and apricot are not standard pug colors and therefore a bit rare.


    3. Pugs Love Company

    Personal space?

    What’s that like?

    If you’re planning on getting a pug, be prepared to be constantly followed around, even to the bathroom! After all, they are called Velcro pugs for a reason.

    Pugs love to sit on your lap, sleep curled up next to you, and follow you around the house wherever you go.

    pugs love company snuggling cuddling

    Pugs love socializing as well. They love to play around with people and other dogs.

    If you recently adopted your very first pug, there are a few things you’ll need to have in mind when introducing your dog to new people and pets.

    Pugs are not very good at defending themselves, so you’ll need to use your best judgement when it comes to socializing them with other dogs.

    If you know that your neighbor’s dog is prone to aggression, take your pug to the doggy park or on a doggy play date instead, to do its socializing.

    Here are a few tips on socializing your pug, which should come in handy, especially if you’re a first time pug owner.


    4. They’re Never Full

    You thought that following you to the bathroom was the most annoying thing they did? Well think again.

    Once you get a pug, you’ll need to be prepared for a lot of staring whenever you sit down to eat or just reach for some food.

    pugs love to eat

    Pugs love to eat. Food is always the no. 1 thing on their mind. This explains why so many of them are overweight and have difficulties maintaining a healthy weight.

    They’re always looking for ways to trick you into giving them more treats by pretending that they’re super hungry.

    Although a treat or two now and then will be highly appreciated by your dog, you’ll need to be careful not to overdo it, so your pug can stay healthy and happy.

    If you do want to spoil your pug with some extra treats, make sure they’re healthy and portioned right.

    A few ways to treat your pug without feeling guilty about it is by adding healthy options to its meals, including: greens, pumpkin, banana, carrots, peanut butter or fresh meat.


    5. Pugs Love Massages

    Pugs adore getting massages. And just when you thought that they couldn’t possible become any more cutter!

    Although most dogs usually love massages, pugs are especially happy when you treat them to a nice massage.

    Same as with humans, massages can have numerous health benefits for dogs, including:

    • Improved circulation
    • Reduced stress and anxiety
    • Improved bodily functions
    • Reduced pain and swilling in the event of an injury

    Although there are numerous health benefits associated with giving your pup a massage, the biggest benefit of all is strengthening your bond and trust, and improving your relationship.

    Learning how to give your dog a massage is a fairly simple process, which means that anyone can learn how to do it quickly and easily.


    6. They Go Above and Beyond to Get What They Want

    Pugs are super stubborn and they rarely give up.

    pugs stubborn persistent

    No matter what it is they want at a specific moment, including food, your attention, or just some more food, be prepared for some disobedience and stubbornness.

    Use positive reinforcement to get them to understand why that kind of behavior is not acceptable, but always be prepared for some push back.


    7. They Are Very Adaptive

    What’s great about pugs is that they are very versatile and adaptive.

    pugs are very adaptive

    They are great with small children and older people as well. They can live indoors and outdoors, and can adapt to an apartment, a house, the city or the countryside just as well.

    They are suitable pets for people of all ages, which is one of their best traits.


    8. They Make a Lot of “Pug” Sounds


    If you’re a pug lover, then you probably know all about the trade mark sounds and noises they make.

    Although most of those sounds are due to their deformed look, and breathing issues, they are what makes them unique in their own way.

    If you’re thinking about getting a pug as a pet, then you’ll need to be prepared for a lot of snoring, snorting, wheezing, grunting and more.

    Similarly to French bulldogs, Pugs are also notorious for breaking wind. They can get really gassy due to a number of reasons, including:

    • Eating too much
    • Eating too fast
    • Eating specific ingredients which are causing excess gas, like: corn, broccoli, certain meats and liver treats.

    To find out more information on how to keep your dog’s farts to a minimum, here are a few helpful tips that you can follow:

    • Get a bowl that’s specifically designed to promote slow eating
    • Try to avoid gassy foods
    • Add probiotic canine supplements to its diet if necessary

        9. They Are Playful

        baby pug swimming playing

        Pugs are very playful creatures. They love playing with other dogs, with humans or with their toys.

        They are adorable to watch when they are in their playful, goofy mood, which never fails to brighten up your day and light up your mood.


        10. They Love To Cuddle

        We already mentioned that pugs are very affectionate, and they really bond with their humans. They are also quite the lap dog.

        They love cuddles, sleeping in the bed next to you, and curling up in your blanket, especially when it’s cold.

        pugs affection cuddle

        In the summers, on the other hand, you can expect to find them anywhere else but in your lap or your bed.

        Pugs are perfect snuggle buddies as well, giving cats a run for their money, when it comes to afternoon naps on the couch or sleeping in late on a Sunday morning.


        11. Pugs Are Happy and Cheerful

        Pugs are extremely happy dogs; they are always up for a play date with other dogs, a walk in the park, or basically any kind of activity, especially when it’s with their favorite humans.

        pugs are happy cheerful

        Not only are they always cheerful and full of joy, but they do an amazing job at cheering other people up as well and bringing joy to the people in their surroundings.


        12. They Are Very Intuitive and Sensitive

        Pugs are really good at sensing how we’re feeling, and depending on their owner’s mood, they can either be very active and vivacious, or quiet and docile.

        pugs intuitive sensitive

        They always aim to please their owners and can be very sensible when it comes to our mood and emotions.

        Pugs can be great for people who live alone. They will offer comfort when you’re feeling sad, and will always be there to support you and give you the love and affection you need.


        13. Pugs Want To Be Involved In Everything

        Pugs really like socializing with other people and dogs, but most of all they like doing whatever it is their owner is doing.

        They are like little shadows that follow their owner around and they’re happy just to hang out with their favorite person and feel like they’re involved.


        14. They Are Never Picky

        Pugs are never picky, especially when it comes to food and treats. They could eat anything and even come back begging for seconds.

        Although they are usually not fussy about their food, there’s always a chance that your dog might not like certain foods, or might even have a problem digesting them.

        However, there’s no reason to worry.

        The best thing that you can do in these types of situations is to try and incorporate different foods in your dog’s diet and see how it does.

        With time, you’ll be able to tell with certainty which foods your pug loves and which you should definitely avoid.  


        15. They Have a Lot of Love to Give

        pugs loving affectionate

        Regardless of whether or not you’re in a good mood, your pug is always there to smother you with love and affection.

        They don’t really care about personal space either, so be prepared to see their face pretty much everywhere you look.

        Wherever you turn, your pug will be there waiting for you.


        16. They are Terrific Entertainers

        Pugs are born entertainers.

        Pug harnesses-funny-expression

        Everything they do is pure entertainment. There will be no dull days once you get a pet pug. They are funny, goofy and unbelievably cute, and they will make every single day special.

        Now that we’ve gone over some of the main things about pugs that make them so lovable and cute, let’s have a look at a few lesser known facts about them that you probably haven’t heard before.


        17. Pugs are Royalty

        Pugs are royalty. They were first bred as companions for Chinese emperors in ancient times and were highly valued by the ruling families in China. Later on, they became popular pets to Buddhist monks and lived among them in monasteries.

        pugs are royalty

        Here’s a short history on the pug for those of you who are interested in finding out more about the breed’s history and evolvement over the years.

        Pugs have been devoted to their owners since ancient times. In the 16th and 17th century they became popular in Europe as well, and reportedly even became the official dog of the House of Orange after the Prince of Orange was saved from assassination by his pet pug, called Pompey.


        The pug then travelled to the Netherlands and into the homes of the ruling families. When William III and Mary II left the Netherlands, they took the pug with them to England and it eventually became popular in many other European countries as well.

        In the 19th century, Queen Victoria and her many pugs led to the increased popularity of the breed. She bred her pugs herself, and she passed on her passion for the breed to many other members of the Royal family.

        During the 19th century, the popularity of the pug increased, and their appearance started to change.

        If you take a look at old paintings from the 18th and the 19th century, you’ll notice that the pugs usually had longer legs and noses, and oftentimes cropped ears as well, while modern day pugs have much shorter legs, smaller noses and flatter faces.


        10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Pugs

        cute curled up pug

        Whether you are a new pug owner, or you’re thinking about getting your first pet pug ever, there are a few awesome facts about them that will make you want one even more.

        Here are some of the lesser known facts about pugs that you might not have heard before:

        1. A group of pugs is called a grumble
        2. Pugs are brachycephalic dogs, meaning dogs with flat faces and short noses
        3. They are not the most athletic breeds
        4. They’re very social and are extroverts by nature
        5. They require very low maintenance and exercise
        6. Although it’s super cute, their wrinkly face needs to be cleaned regularly with a warm cloth to prevent an infection or a bacterial growth
        7. In the 16th century, prince William of house orange was saved by his pug who woke him up and alerted him of assassins
        8. Pugs are not good swimmers
        9. Pugs don’t mind playing dress up. You can dress them in adorable dog hoodies and all kinds of other dog apparel for every occasion
        10. Pugs were bred to sit on Chinese emperors’ laps

            Are Pugs The Right Choice For You?

            Are Pugs The Right Choice For You

            If you still haven’t made up your mind on whether or not you should get a pug as a pet, here are some of their most dominant and common characteristics that will help you decide whether or not getting a pug is the right choice for you.

            A Pug is the right choice for you if you’re looking for a dog that:

            • Rarely gets into trouble
            • Is small and sturdy
            • Doesn’t need too much exercise
            • Usually gets along with other pets and people
            • Is very polite and friendly
            • Has a short coat

            A Pug may not be the right choice for you if you don’t want to deal with:

            • Constant shredding
            • Possible health problems due to their uniquely deformed build
            • Frequent gasses
            • All kinds of noises, like: snorting, snoring, slobbering, snuffing and wheezing

            To help you decide whether the pug is the right pet for you, here’s a short video on 14 important facts every pug owner should know:


            In Sum

            Pugs are very cute and cuddly little dogs. They are a lot of dog in a small package, which means that they have a big personality, and are quite strong-willed and stubborn.

            They are rarely aggressive which makes them perfect for families with small children as well as other pets.

            pugs 101

            Although they are super adorable and cute, as a result of their smashed face and their broad and short head, they are often prone to experiencing breathing issues, which may require more frequent vet visits than it is the case with other breeds.

            If you don’t mind the more than usual visits to the vet, the “pug” sounds, the constant shredding, flatulence, and a bit of stubbornness and you’re ready for a pet that will be devoted, polite, friendly and constantly glued to you, then a pug might be the right choice for you!

            And if that wasn’t enough to convince you how awesome pugs are, check out this short pug puppy compilation:


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