7 Best Types of Dog Collars for Bully Breeds

Bully breed dogs such as Pit-bulls are some of the most beloved dogs in the US and other parts of the world. But because Pitbulls are also strong and muscular breeds, they can snap regular harnesses or collars when not secured enough.

Not to mention these goofballs can be powerful chewers too. So, if you leave them behind, you may come home later and find the collar on the floor no longer wearable. 

We compiled some of the best dog collars for Bully breed dogs that are a “perfectly” safe fit. We also included some guides, so it’s easy to find good collars that are worth your money and comfortable for your little fur pal.

Things to consider when picking a collar for your Pitbull

  • Material

Many dog collars may be sturdy canvas and cloth, but these may not be durable enough to support your Pitbull’s strength. More so if your dog tugs excitedly on your walks or sees a squirrel in the park.

Standard Nylon - is a strong and inexpensive fabric that is easy to dye. Most of the dog collars and leashes on the market use this type of material. They are strong, cost efficient but will fray very quickly and cause irritation to the dogs skin.

Military Grade Nylon - is specifically tested and made to meet military specifications by ensuring fabrics meet tear and break strength, colorfastness, water repellency and more. This type of fabric is often used to create gear and tactical equipment for the military.

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material that is used to make diving suits and other equipments. This material is very suitable for pet supplies because it is durable, stretchy and soft on the skin. 

PVC collars have become popular in the last few years because of the soft rubber texture and the vibrant colour tones that the material exudes. This type of material is water-resistant but is more suitable for smaller dogs as it withstands less force. 

Leather collars are durable. It’s a high-quality product gives you great value for your purchase. This material lasts a very long time and can be worn under all conditions. Just make sure the leather does not come in contact with oil, otherwise the color tone will change. 

Synthetic leather is often used to make cheap imitation leather dog collars, we do not recommend these as they are very easy tear and will cause a lot of irritation on your dog's skin.

  • Temperament of Your Dog

Take your dog’s walking etiquette and build into account when choosing a collar. If your dog is well trained, does not pull then you can even pick a style first collar such as the Cuban Link Chain Collar to show off your dog's personality. 

However if your dog is very strong and aggressively pulls on the leash during walks, it may have pent-up energy. Opting for something more durable, like the anti-pulling Y-harness set, tactical collar and leash set, or the Comfort Control Neoprene dog leash.

  • Purpose

The many types and styles of collars for dogs vary depending on their purpose. Some need a collar only for daily walks. Others prefer a collar durable enough that can be used on outdoor adventures.

7 Best Types of Dog Collars for Bully Breeds

1. Tactical Pitbull Collar with Handle - Best overall

Tactical dog collars are highly reliable and have added functionality to suit the pet owner’s and their dog’s needs.

Because of the excellent ergonomic design, tactical dog collars are primarily designed to ensure larger or muscular canines are easier to control. At the same time, it helps keep the pooch secure and safe, even when wearing it over long periods.

A tactical Pitbull collar with thick neoprene padding is perfect for daily use. It is made for heavy pullers, is durable, comfortable, and safe for dogs of all sizes and breeds, especially the Pitbull. The comfortable yet durable padding provides comfort against pulling pressures. 

A heavy-duty dog collar is also made of durable and heavy-duty nylon material with a soft lining, preventing the dog’s skin and hair from irritation and getting hot.

The handle design of this type of collar with a quick-release buckle provides pet owners better control, especially during dog training classes.  

2. Breakaway dog collar 

Nothing is truly scarier than the thought of your Pitbull’s collar getting caught in the wires of his crate. 

Some owners who experience this terrifying situation would share how they came home and heard their dog’s frantic sounds and panicked screams. The dog was choking himself. And you don’t want this to happen to your furry friend.

Accidents happen all the time. The same situation can also occur on a fence or canine’s teeth when your Pitbull is at the park. But there is a way to prevent strangulation. 

Choose a breakaway collar or a collar with a quick-release buckle. It’s so convenient; it only takes seconds to open or shut it.

The breakaway dog collar is one that auto-releases whenever something catches the dog collar. But still, it is durable enough that the buckle won’t break as long as it is attached to a lease. In short, you can walk your dog to a park worry-free.

3. Slip collars 

As the name suggests, slip collars are ones you simply slip over your Pitbull’s neck. They are great training tools to help your canine learn to behave on a leash. They are designed as a loop and do not have a traditional buckle closure.

The ease of use of slip collars is why rescues and shelters often use this type of collar. Since they often deal with dogs with unknown histories, some pets are reactive, fearful or dislike having unfamiliar people too close to their faces. 

A slip collar with a stopper offers a safer and faster way to get a dog out of a vehicle without getting into his personal space. Instead of a buckle, slip collars have one ring that slides and tightens the leash.

4. Wide collar

If you prefer a collar that will offer more support to your canine, opt for a wide collar (typically 1.5 to 3 inches in width vs. 1-inch standard). This type of dog collar helps protect your pit bull and makes a bold statement.

This type of collar is a new craze because it is very safe. Even if your dog tries to slip out of the wide collar, it won’t be able to. And as you know, dogs, like Pitbulls, Mastiffs, and Great Danes, have very large necks.

Using regular-width dog collars is likely to cause them more harm than good. Once tension is applied to those regular width collars, the force is centralized and may start to cut into the dog’s neck.

With a wide collar, on the other hand, the force is evenly distributed to a greater area. This protects your dog's neck and prevents injury. Wide collars are great for playing, training, and walking your Pitbull.

Unlike ordinary dog harnesses where pressure is focused on one location around the dog’s throat and neck, a wide dog collar wraps around the dog’s torso. This evenly distributes pressure in the chest, upper spine, and shoulders. 

5. Martingale collars

The Martingale collars look like an ordinary dog collar, but they are designed to tighten when the dog pulls on them to get their head out. These collars are also called limited-slip or no-slip collars. 

You may think it’s the same feature as a choke collar, but no. Choke collars have no safety mechanism to prevent the dog from choking. Properly fitted Martingale collars can’t strangle a dog, no matter how hard your Pitbull pulls.

Professional dog trainers recommend this collar only at home or on walks. It gives owners extra control yet isn't as harsh as the check chain or choke collar. A martingale collar is often made of leather.

6. Custom leather collar

If you have an active Pitbull, you may want to skip the hanging dog tags and opt for a personalized leather collar.

We’re huge fans of this kind of collar for a few reasons: You can choose from different base colors and stitch colors, it’s crafted to withstand fading (except when constantly exposed to the sun), and it’s meant totally for a custom look.

A custom dog collar type has many advantages. First, it is made of earth-friendly materials, so they’re more comfortable for your dog, even with sensitive skin. Second, leather collars get better with age. The oil from your dog’s skin or coat softens the leather collar and improves its look.

Another great thing about leather collars is that they are naturally durable. It can outlast any other collar types on the market. Whether flat or rolled, you can fasten this collar with an attractive brass or metal buckle closure.

Some dog owners think leather isn’t a good material for Pitbull collars because it can’t get wet. That’s not true at all. A custom leather dog collar can last for years and handle moisture. Still, it’s best to remove it when bathing your Pitbull.

7. Chain Collars 

If you’re a pet parent who appreciates the finer things in life, you’re more likely to transfer that fashion taste over to your Pitbull. Why purchase a polyester or nylon collar when your dog can walk in style with a bit of bling?

That’s where a Cuban-style collar may be the perfect fit for your dog. That’s not to say that Cuban-style dog link is all flashy because it’s practical too. These dog links are durable and can last longer than the fabric options.

This type of collar is more than just an eye candy too. It’s powerful enough to hold up your persistently stubborn and firm pup. It’s one of the best pitbull-heavy duty collars you can rely on.

Plus, Cuban link dog collars come in a variety of options. Does your dog look great in rose gold, gold, or silver?  Then, upgrade your dog’s look by selecting the best Cuban-style Pitbull collar.

When you are getting a chain collar, make sure the size is fitted around your dog's neck because these collars are none-adjustable and if the fit is too loose then your dog can potentially wiggle out of it. 

Adorn your furry friend. Check out these durable dog chain collars made to stand the test of time and the strongest jaws.

Make your time together extra cute with this snuggle-worthy matching human and dog apparel.

Pitbull Dog Collar Sizing Guide: How to Properly Fit Your Dog Collar

Once all those factors mentioned above are considered,  you’ll have to measure your dog’s neck for its new collar. 

Some pet parents would prefer to take their dogs to the store, but it may be troublesome if you have other dogs at home or a dog who gets car sick or anxious, so travel becomes a hassle. 

So, our tip is to consider:

The Golden Rule For Any Dog Collar

The golden rule for any dog collar is to fit two fingers underneath it. If you can’t, it’s either too tight or too loose.

You can take measurements using a measuring tape and wrap it around your Pitbull’s neck or chest where the collar will sit. A Pitbulls’ collar is usually somewhere around 14 to 18 inches.

Accommodate for Growth

When shopping for new collars, you must also consider your dog’s growth. This is especially important if you’re buying a puppy as they grow quickly. You may want to invest in an adjustable collar that your dog can wear for a few weeks before they outgrow it.

Bottom Line

Pitbulls are individuals with unique behavioral patterns, just like other dogs. Treat them as such by providing them the training, supervision, and care they require.  

And one way of creating the safest possible environment for your Pitbull is to choose the best possible collar for your pooch. It can make all the difference for your pet in training.

Pick the right collar, and it’ll make you and your fur babe happy.