Harnesses are Better for Walking Dogs

Pet parents around the world have long debated the use of collars vs. harnesses. The truth is, both have their merits. The right choice will all depend on the dog’s behavior as well as the owner’s preferences. But, dog harnesses do offer some incredibly important benefits over collars.

Here are a few reasons to choose dog harnesses over collars:


1) Your dog is more secure in a dog harness

Dog Harnesses

For collars, the general rule is to keep two finger-widths worth of space from the dog’s neck. But have you seen dogs slip off from their collars?

Canine escape artists are super cute and funny. That is until it happens to you.

Imagine the fear and panic of accidentally letting your dog loose during your walk on a busy road. With an easy walk dog harness, that’s much less likely to happen.


2) You have more options

Dog Harness for dog walking

Harnesses come in different styles. It won’t take too much effort to find one that best fits not just your dog’s body but also their behavior.

There are soft-padded (for those with sensitive skin), back-clips (if you often have trouble with tangling), and front-clips (for extreme pullers).

Some even come with zippered pouches so your dogs can carry their own stuff!


3) You have more control

Dog harness and leash

Harnesses offer support across the chest and around the shoulders. That allows you to control a larger part of the body rather than just the neck.

Admit it! Your dog isn’t always well behaved when outside. There’s always that random bush that they absolutely must sniff or that cat that needs chasing.

Using a harness makes it easier and safer to hold them back when you need to.


4) Your dog looks more fashionable

Dog Harness for french bulldogs

While collars do offer a sleeker silhouette, harnesses are generally more fashionable.

They go around a larger portion of the dog’s body. That's why dog clothes designers have a whole lot of fun thinking up new ways to make our pups look good in them. When they’re on, you can’t miss them!


5) Your dog is safe from collar-related injuries

Harnesses are better for frenchies

Harnesses better distribute pressure and strain across the chest and back. If your dog is a puller, the extreme strain of using a collar might lead to health issues. That includes hypothyroidism, tracheal collapse, eye and ear issues, and even foreleg lameness.

Using a harness is even more important for brachycephalic dog breeds. These include Pugs, Frenchies, and Chihuahuas.

These breeds already have trouble breathing on their own. Imagine the added strain of being held back by their neck.

Additionally, collars can cause their eyes to pop out. Seriously. It’s called ocular proptosis – a condition that causes their eyeballs to protrude.

True, harnesses make your dog look swankier (and by association, you do, too!). But, the more important benefits are in your dog’s safety, security, and comfort.

Also, having more confidence in your dog’s gear gives you a better experience when walking, hiking, or enjoying other activities outside your home.