Chaussures pour chien sur pavé chaud - Sarcelle

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Voici la solution parfaite pour protéger les pattes de votre chien des pavés chauds, des terrains accidentés et des épines tranchantes ! La large ouverture et les bandes velcro réglables garantissent un ajustement sûr et confortable, pour que votre chiot puisse courir, sauter et jouer en toute tranquillité.
  • Protège les pattes contre les chaussées chaudes, les terrains accidentés et les épines tranchantes.

  • La couche supérieure de la chaussure est en maille filet pour empêcher la saleté et les débris de pénétrer dans la chaussure et assurer une bonne ventilation.

  • Ouverture large facile à porter pour les chiens aux pattes larges.

  • Double sangle autour de la cheville pour empêcher la chaussure de tomber.

  • Chaque ensemble est livré avec 4 chaussures individuelles

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Finding the right size for your dog can be tricky and thats why we offer free exchange on your 1st purchase for all dog apparel items (including shoes)!

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QWhy do dogs need shoes?
ADog paws are like our hands and feet; they're made up of many tiny bones, tendons, muscles, and ligaments, layers of fat for warmth and cushioning. When our hands and feet are exposed to burning hot surfaces and rough terrains they are likely to get injured and damaged. 

Q: When should I use dog shoes?
Put your bare hand or feet on the sidewalk surface, if it is uncomfortable for you then it is time to put the dog shoes on. You can also use these shoes when you are going on hiking trails.

QHow do I measure my dog's paws?
Please use our how to measure guide or watch the video on our product page which explains this in detail. You basically need to measure the width of the paw and follow our size guide.

QAre your dog shoes suitable for all breeds and sizes?
Our smallest dog shoe is suitable for dogs from 15lbs / 6.8kg and up, the largest dog shoe will fit dogs up to 150lbs / 68kg depending on paw size. Generally speaking, our shoes are designed for larger dogs with stronger stepping force. If your dog is under 10lbs / 4.5kb then these shoes are not suitable.

QDo your dog boots stay on during active play?
We designed this shoes with two velcro straps that secure the paws at an angle. With two layers of stabilization, this is one of the most secure dog shoes on the market and it should stay on as long as the sizing is correct.

QHow do I train my dog to wear boots?
Your dog may not enjoy wearing shoes when you first put it on and may walk funny. Give your dog treats and positive reinforcement, throw toys around for them to run and fetch, within a few minutes your dog will forget that they are wearing shoes.

Are your dog shoes waterproof or water-resistant?
A: These dog shoes are not water-resistant as the mesh top layer is designed for ventilation

Q: How do I clean and maintain the dog boots?
The surface can be spot cleaned. You can also soak the boots in luke warm water with regular soap and detergent then rinse with clean water. Gently wring out excess water before hanging to dry. Do not use a dryer or direct heat source, as this can damage the boots.

Guide des tailles

Inches Paw Width
A 1.6" - 2.0"
B 2.1" - 2.3"
C 2.4" - 2.7"
D 2.8" - 3.1"
E 3.2" - 3.7"
CM Paw Width
A 4.0cm - 5.0cm
B 5.1cm - 6.0cm
C 6.1cm - 7.0cm
D 7.1cm - 8.0cm
E 8.1cm - 9.5cm

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